Referral Partners


Sandcastle Management appreciates our partnerships with real estate agents and brokers.Therefore, we have created a program especially catered to satisfy the needs of your individual investor clients, relieving the burden of your shoulders for any property management needs.

When you refer a client in need of our services:

1. We will sign an “agent protection plan” that will guarantee that your client will be sent back to you at the time of lease renewal.

2. We will pay a onetime referral fee once your client signs up for any of our property management services.


We would like to partner with you and create a WIN-WIN relationship in which we can all benefit: Clients-Investors, Developers and Sandcastle Management.

HOW?  We could be the determining cause of the purchase decision…
Clients and Investors will receive the Best “Property Management Services” right when they need it.
You! Developers:  As we can provide this added value to the Investors this will weight as a positive in the decision making process and determination of investing and buying at your project.
Us! Sandcastle Management, simply because we can be right at the “doorsteps” of all the foreign and local potential clients in need of the most Professional, Convenient and Reliable service in the local Market.

That is Us! The Perfect Relationship!